Andrzej Mazur ~ “The Soothsayer”


Andrzej Mazur ~ “The Soothsayer”


Balisong (Butterfly Knife)


…and FINISHED. this one will go up for sale to everyone on the mailing list tomorrow…prints very soon, as well…


#jbmarks lower Part finished more or less..


Heather McLean ~ "All the Better to Eat You With"



Only FIVE DAYS LEFT of Open Squish Bug Round 2! My Rainbow Jumping Spider (Maratus robinsoni) is very very very close to the goal, but it will not make it without your help!

It must end with an average score of at least 3.90 to be produced as a plush. Please vote 5! Every single 5 vote helps! If you’ve already voted, the best thing to do is share with your friends! It needs those extra points, right now!

Because you all been so helpful for the past week while I’ve been raving about this, here’s another bonus: Rainbow Jumping Spider avatars which are free to use wherever you might wish to represent yourself with a glittery arachnid ~

We can make giant colorful stuffed spiders be a thing that exists for everyone!

frick i have too many fuckyeah blogs lol


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